Q: Why did you choose the orange and black colors for the brand identity?

A: We chose the orange in our brand identity as orange represents confidence, joy, and enthusiasm. And we also chose the black color as black represents power, elegance, and sophistication.


Q: Why did you choose the streetwear fashion?

A: In today's culture, streetwear has evolved into much more than just fashion trend. It has become a way for people to express their unique personalities, beliefs, and stories through their clothing choices


Q: How did you started?

A: We started in a small atelier and made everything ourselves by hand.


Q: Why did you start launching the brand with an Arabic embroidered collection?

A: The "أنا" Collection is all about creating self awareness. Self-love should be your new hyped up state of mind. The Collection is mainly highlighting that your self-worth is determined by you and that you owe it to yourself: self-respect. And we couldn't deliver this message unless it was in Arabic.


Q: You wanted to elevate the existing style?

A: Yeah, exactly


Q: For the creative direction, how did you want to show CALLING ALL ANGELS?

A: Since its launch, the brand has been creating clothing and accessories with a core brand value of producing products to the finest quality of fabric, fit, and manufacture, with its signatures minimal yet powerful styles with highly intricate embroideries and prints.


Q: How did it all start?

A: We were able to touch base with our team based in Cairo a few weeks back. Visited all of factories, finalised our SS21 fabrics and colors selections, completed all of our fittings for SS23 and streamlined our processes for rest of this year. Super proud to say we design our pieces in Egypt.


Q: What is your expansion plan?

A: ''Calling All Angels'' concept is to bring not just the Egyptian people but the whole world what they're missing. We're planning to open our first store in London within the next 5 years. As our researches show that consumers of streetwear clothing are mainly in London. It would be a good start to make the british people and the whole world knowing about Egyptian clothing production.


Q: Going global, right?

A: For years, Paris has been considered the fashion capital of the world. But as one of the world’s oldest civilizations, Egypt has a long and rich history visibly rooted in its art and culture. Subsequently, Egyptian fashion brands draw their inspiration from the country’s multi-layered heritage; making them unique and visually stunning. We want to make the world see this.


Q: What is your biggest dream?

A: Our vision is to unite luxury & streetwear on a global scale and creating a community with unified family mindset.