In the bustling streets of Egypt, amidst the chaotic energy and vibrant culture, there emerged a remarkable streetwear brand destined to captivate hearts and souls. This brand was known as Calling All Angels, a name that carried a powerful message of hope, resilience, and unity.


The story of Calling All Angels began with 2 visionary Egyptians who believed that fashion could be a force for good, a catalyst for positive change in society. Inspired by the ancient mythology of Egypt, where angels were seen as guardians and protectors, they set out to create a brand that would uplift and inspire the nation.


Through our designs, We aimed to create clothing and accessories with a core brand value of producing products to the finest quality of fabric, fit, and manufacture, with its signatures minimal yet powerful styles with highly intricate embroideries and prints. Every garment became a canvas, telling stories of triumph over adversity, highlighting the beauty hidden in the midst of chaos.


Collections are released in limited quantities, to both avoid mass production, but also to ensure the products customers get are an exclusive pieces worth investing in, Allowing us to be sustainable brand with designs that can be worn many years over due to their quality and timeless design.



But Calling All Angels was more than just a fashion brand. It was a movement, a call to action for individuals to discover their inner strength, embrace their unique gifts, and become agents of positive change in their communities. Beyond creating stylish clothing, they organized grassroots initiatives, collaborated with local charities, and supported causes that uplifted marginalized communities in Egypt.



As the brand grew, it became a unifying force, bringing together a community of like-minded individuals who embraced the Calling All Angels values of compassion, authenticity, and resilience.


Whether you were a proud Egyptian seeking to embody the spirit of your nation or an ally from around the world eager to support a brand with a purpose, Calling All Angels welcomed you with open arms. Join the movement, wear our inspiring garments, and together, let's summon the angels within us to uplift, transform, and create a better world for all.